Build a thriving business you LOVE!

Empowering women service business owners to harness their strengths
and align their business with their vision and values.

Ever feel like you’re shouting into the void, hoping anyone will take notice?

It’s clear: You’re passionate about what you do and the community you serve. But this whole hustle-your-brains-out thing? Talk about an overwhelming process with underwhelming results!

You put in effort, but it’s hard to see the results you desire. It’s like you’re spinning your wheels in the mud, struggling to gain traction and move forward.

You want actionable tactics and tools you can start implementing today to attract your ideal clients—and all in a way that feels oh so you and oh so rewarding.

Get this—

It is 100% possible to build a sustainable business that attracts your dream clients without sounding like a sleazy car salesman.

You just need the right strategy that aligns with YOU!

Imagine having the confidence to know exactly what steps to take, where to invest your time and resources, and how to stand out from your competitors. That’s the power of a well-crafted plan tailored to your strengths, capacity, skills, and goals.

Hello, Hello!

I’m Lauren, your go-to local business coach and your #1 cheerleader. 

I’ve worked on campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and large corporations, but hands down my favorite people to serve are local small business owners like YOU!

I left the 9-5 world to start my own business because nothing lights me up quite like helping women fully realize and embrace what’s possible, achieve their goals, and build their own version of success on their terms.

Using my simple, proven local framework, we’ll get your business calibrated in no time, so you can focus on doing what you truly love in your business (or spend more time chilling on the couch binging Netflix).

Sound like a plan?


You’re ready to attract clients & become known for what you do—so let’s work together!

Get personalized support, insights, and actionable strategies you need to get unstuck and take your business to the next level—the ‘OMG I didn’t know this was possible level.’

Together we’ll create customized strategies that align perfectly with your unique business, strengths, and needs. We’ll break down complex strategies into simple, actionable steps that resonate with your audience.

I’ll guide you through it all, explaining everything in a way that makes sense for your business. No more feeling left in the dark about where to focus your precious time and energy.

You’ll finally have a clear direction, focusing on what truly matters and leaving behind the noise and distractions.

By leveraging my proven local framework, you’ll not only gain actionable tools and next steps to effectively market your business but also a newfound confidence in your ability to attract your dream clients consistently and build a business you love.

Let’s put an end to the overwhelm and embrace a strategy that reflects your unique brand, captivating your audience and bringing them closer to your business!

Here’s how it works:

1 – Connect

Find a time that works for you on my calendar to book your complimentary 30-minute fit call.

2 – Discover

We’ll chat about your business, your needs, and your goals over a cup of coffee (or tea).

3 – Collaborate

Pop a bottle of bubbly and celebrate the great investment you’ve made in yourself and your biz!


What makes working with me so, well, worth it?

Hold on a sec while I pass the mic to my lovely clients:

After working with Lauren I feel more confident in myself and my business. She helped me streamline my marketing in order to appeal to the right clientele. Our business has grown exponentially with more clients and partnerships allowing me to create more offerings and opportunities. I’m grateful for Lauren’s feedback & advice that made me reevaluate and change things for the better in my business.

– Anna Tewell, Connections Academy Chicago (Tutoring Company)

Lauren is nothing short of magical – she’s incredibly genuine and caring as well as extremely skilled in coaching. She comes with endless ideas and tactics to overcome challenges or make improvements, and all the right questions to help you reflect and identify what you need or want. She always makes sure you have actionable steps to accomplish your goals and holds you accountable to them, all in a way that’s very supportive.

– Rachel Fisher, Brand Designer