A little about me

Celebrating every woman’s potential- my approach is all about understanding your vision, valuing your voice, and achieving your version of success.

Lauren Schaff Marketing Strategist, pointing in white blazer and pink shirt

Hi I’m Lauren Schaff!

Every day I help local business owners like you feel confident in their business and achieve their business goals.

I’ve been obsessed with marketing since I was a little girl cutting out and stockpiling ‘Got Milk’ magazine ads under my bed. Fast forward to a decade in marketing consulting for Fortune 500 companies like Target, Hilton Hotels and General Mills, where my passion for helping businesses thrive continued to grow.

In 2016, I traded my corporate marketing career to start my own real estate business. Pretty quickly I found myself running around like a chicken with its head cut off doing all the things to get clients, not focusing on my strengths.

This resulted in burnout and exhaustion and I had to reevaluate. I learned the importance of slowing down to speed up and narrowing down to blow up.

I created a tailored local marketing approach that centered around my strengths and resonated with my ideal clients and partners.

And you know what? It worked! I became the go-to realtor in my community, forming genuine relationships that felt authentic and propelled my business forward.

The success I achieved sparked a newfound passion within me – the desire to help other local business owners achieve similar success.

Since then, I’ve been dedicated to empowering women business owners to uncover their potential in a way that aligns with their goals. I’m here to help you discover your potential and align it with your ambitions to not just attract success, but to thrive in it.

Together, we can turn your business into a magnet for success. So, are you ready to leave exhaustion and scattered efforts behind?

Okay, but what about the extra important stuff?

  • Lattes are my love language and you best believe I’m picky about my coffee mugs.
  • I’m a super curious (okay, nosey) person, so people watching is one of my favorite pastimes!
  • If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now, I’d be a private detective or tour guide.
  • I’m all about providing extra value whenever I can, hence my tendency for using parentheses in my writing (have you noticed yet?!).
  • Keeping my little human alive and happy for over six years is one of my proudest accomplishments to date.

I never show up to work without:





(Plus coffee. Always coffee.)